Cables and cable assemblies for optical fiber, ADSL and TLC

Customized products for professional installers

Konnett is specialized in the production and the supply of cables and cable assemblies for adsl, sdh , pdh networks and in providing the distribution of optical fiber cables, materials and services. We develop tailored products for professional installers in the telecommunication sector.

Our company was founded in 2007 by people who had gained several years of experience in the phone industry. Konnett characterises itself as a point of contact for technicians and installers with a precise, fast and flexible service and with a great value for money.

Our cables follow the operator’s technical rules; they are made according to the specific requirements of each customer, and with the type of connector necessary, and they are tested according to the operators needs, along with checked packaging and fast shipping, for orders of any size.

Our products are completely made in taly: this guarantees the control at every stage of the production, from the purchase of the materials to the assembly step. We offer the possibility to produce customized or standard measures, as well as just in time deliveries for any type and lenghts of the products.

Ee can provide the certification of the final network, when required and our technologies are also ideal for the cabling of mobile networks.

Choose konnett for a fast and flexible service, with technical competence and complete assistance for allyour needs ( from the verification of the order, to cable replacement if necessary). Konnett: the experience of quality.